1. As a symbol, the Eagle represents many things. It is a symbol for the element of air. It is the symbol for all the sky gods. It stands for: the spiritual principle; ascension; inspiration; release from bondage; victory; contemplation; royalty; authority; strength; power; height; pride; apotheosis.
Just like the Owl, the Eagle is said to have the All-Seeing Eye (cf. Horus). It sees the bigger picture, the holographic image.

In shamanic tradition, Eagle represents Spirit, or even a manifestation of Great Spirit. "It is the ability to live in the realm of Spirit, and yet remain connected and balanced within the realm of Earth. Eagle soars, and is quick to observe expansiveness within the overall patterns of life. From the heights of the clouds, Eagle is close to the Heavens where the Great Spirit dwells."
If Eagles appears to you, he "is reminding you to take heart and gather your courage, for the universe is presenting you with an opportunity to soar above the mundane levels of your life. The power of recognizing this opportunity may come in the form of a spiritual test. In being astute, you may recognize the places within your soul, personality, emotions, or psyche that need bolstering or refinement. By looking at the overall tapestry, Eagle teaches you to broaden your sense of self beyond the horizon of what is presently visible.
In learning to fiercely attack your personal fear of the unknown, the wings of your soul will be supported by the ever present breezes which are the breath of the Great Spirit.
Feed your body, but more importantly, feed your soul."

2. In Earth's galactic history, and in ancient myths, Eagles are often used to refer to the Lyran and the Pleiadian influences on Earth. See: Lyran Bird-people.