Welcome to the Exopaedia.


The Exopaedia is an encyclopaedia of extraterrestrial information. It focuses on the new scientific disciplines that deal with extraterrestrial matters.


To be the leading edge encyclopaedia on all exo-matters


Hyperbase: 1992, personal database to keep track of information.

Hyperbase: 1994 exchange of information with a network of other researchers and regression therapists.

1996: program written in Visual Foxpro + first HTML version online

1998: new program written in VFP, with different export options (html, chm)
+ second online version, this time database driven and in ASP.
+ CHM versions.

2004: new online version, in PHP and MySQL, reorganisation of the content.2006: mmc

2007: work started on the Exopaedia.

August 2008: a first version of the Exopaedia was launched.

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