Galactic Wars

According to Galactic Lore, approximately 22 million years ago, in the constellation of Lyra, the first humanoid races started exploring other systems in their galactic vicinity, and soon afterwards ventured into migration and colonisation of neighbouring planets. It didn’t take long before they came across other humanoid races. Shortly afterwards they had their first encounters with non-humanoid races. Soon after that, conflicts over territory and spheres of influence erupted. Within the Lyran constellation the first clashes were between the Lyrans and the Vegans. Things got worse when the Lyrans and the Vegans encountered reptilian civilisations in what those reptilians considered their territory. (The area around what is now the Ring Nebula in Lyra was one of the first heavily contested areas of conflict).

When the warring parties started involving ideologies into the conflict, two main groups emerged. There was the Federation, and there were the two Empires, the Draconian and the Orion Empire. The whole of the constellation of Orion would become the main battleground where they would fight out their differences. Because of this, the Galactic Wars are often referred to as the Orion Wars. See Orion Wars for more information.