Hammons, Steve

Steve Hammons
Steve Hammons

Steve Hammons was born and raised in southern Ohio.

He graduated from Ohio University, Athens, in 1977 with dual majors in health education (psychology focus) and communications (journalism focus), as well as graduate-level studies in guidance counseling.

He has worked as a journalist, editor, counselor, juvenile probation peace officer, public safety urgent response specialist, teacher, instructor and U.S. Government researcher. He often publishes on UFO related matters.

Hammons received training in Army Special Forces operations while an officer trainee in Army ROTC at Ohio University in 1970-71. His ROTC Counter-Insurgency Group instructor/advisor was from the 5th Special Forces Group and had returned from a tour of duty in Vietnam.

Hammons also attended two summer training activities of Special Forces reserve groups where he learned about SF concepts and operations, functioned as an indigenous asset for an SF B-Team S-1 and met other Special Forces personnel who had served in Vietnam.

Hammons’ first novel, Mission into Light, was published in February 2001 and introduced readers to the women and men of the Joint Reconnaissance Study Group, their adventures exploring the unknown, and their missions to help create a better world. The sequel, Light's Hand, was published in November 2001. 

Steve Hammons was involved in the online discussions with regard to Serpo.