Valdemar Valerian interviewed some people that claimed to have been involved in secret US Government projects that involved interactions with alien races.
One anonymous interviewee says: "There was one group called the K-Group, which was short for the Kondrashkin. They had pale skin that had a slight greenish tint and almost no hair. They looked human, and had to bleach their skin and wear wigs. They have been periodically involved with covert projects since the 1940's." These Kondrashkin are presumed to be part of the Orion Confederation.
(Val Valarian, Orion Technology).

Al Bielek, too, mentions them, yet he spells the name "Kondroshkin." Here, however, they are a race of "blue greys. Not the little greys, but a larger group called the blue-greys." These would be the greys that Roosevelt made a deal with. The Philadelphia Experiment (Projects Rainbow and Phoenix) was one of the operations they were involved in.

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