Esoteric literature often mentions the Seven Kumaras, who are also know as the Seven Lords of the Flames. They are seven, higher dimensional, ascended masters that originally came from Venus. They are said to be the most advanced beings in our solar system. They came from Venus to teach and assist the inhabitants of Earth in their ongoing process of spiritual growth. They are said to have started several schools in Lemuria.

Jesus Christ is said to have been an incarnation of one of the Seven Kumaras. (But it is not clear whether Jesus was an incarnation of Sanat Kumara or of Sa Ananda Kumara, whose name also is spelled Sananda).

The names of the Seven Lords of the Flames:

 Note the similarities with the so called 'Lords of the Seven Rays.'

 Also note, however, that some literature uses the term 'Kumaras' to refer to the Angelic Legions.