Lamiroy, Manuel

Manuel Lamiroy
Manuel Lamiroy

Manuel Lamiroy, Lic. Juris, has had a lifelong interest in all matters extraterrestrial. In 1994 he decided to quit a career as a lawyer and academic researcher (with teaching assignment), and started a consulting company. This also offered him the opportunity to follow his passion and dedicate more time to extraterrestrial research.
After a course in regression therapy, he began to investigate abduction and contact cases. He also started sharing information with other researchers and regression therapists on an informal basis, and centralized that information in a database, called the Hyperbase. While it started as a database for people who work with abductees, this project has over the years crystallized into a valuable asset for exopolitical research, as well. It can be found at
In 2008, work on the Hyperbase was halted. The Exopaedia is its successor.

Apart from being its founder, Manuel still is the driving force behind the Exopaedia.

Apart from that,

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