Nada is the name of an Ascended Master, who represents the qualities of Love & Understanding. The Last (known) incarnation of Nada was in Atlantean times.

Edmund Harold claims Lady Nada stands for Purity of Intent, Thought, and Action; for Idealism, and Courage; and for practical expression of idealistic concepts. She would be the Master of the Seventh Ray of Ritual and Ceremony (together with St. Germain). She also deals with the conscious development of intuitive abilities, and with healing.

Ellie Crystal explains that Lady Nada has to do primarily with balancing our individual masculine and feminine energies, which is of paramount importance for the Ascension. Both, men and women will be empowered, by balancing our individual feminine and masculine energies. Learning to love your new Selves, will allowed more of your Spirit to flow thru your physical Being.
She is in contact with the source of Divine Love from within, has no need to worry about not having enough Love, does not depend on outside sources for Love, and feels close to the Goddess/God/Source to wherever one happens to be! Divine Love manifests itself multidimensionally, and uniquely in each Being! (