Newald, Alec

Alec Newald is a famous contactee from New Zealand. He wrote a book about his experiences, called Co-evolution. A revised edition of it was published in 2011.

Case Information

Alec Newald's situation is unique amongst those who have tangible contact with visiting intelligences in the contemporary era. Hailing from New Zealand he recalls a few strange incidents as a child - one of which was being given a tetrahedron-like artefact by a small being which transported him to a parallel world where he met other children. Many of these experiences became clearer to him in the years after his contact as an adult.

In 1989, after a family break-up, the first ever ["scripted" as Alec hints?] situation had arisen where he was alone and would not be missed for several days. On a long drive through the area of Rotorua Alec was literally picked up, complete with car, and eventually became aware, in a strange environment, as pure consciousness. At that point he thought he'd crashed the car and died. In his book - "“Co-Evolution" describes the process of meeting some sort of entity and being given a body in a further technological area of what he later realised was a huge ExtraTerrestrial craft. As time passes Alec is introduced to several beings that begin to explain the situation he's entered. These include a highly intelligent humanoid "elder" - whose consciousness literally and viscerally astonished him and a female hybrid guide he named Zeena - who Alec struck up a close relationship with over the course of what would be a 10 day excursion.

Zeena begins telling Alec [in a telepathic, visual format] about some aspects of our Earth - including predicting a time of profound change which will be directly preceded by a large scale environmental issues in the region of Japan and the Gulf of Mexico. She also explains how their race had been attempting some sort of evolutionary experiment to bootstrap themselves into a new dimension when things went wrong and they were catapulted into a reality parallel to our own. They had tried living on Mars before its decline and had purposely hollowed out a large asteroid as a support "ship".*

Alec claims that Zeena had the appearance of the classic grey humanoid ET but their skin had a blue tinge to it - he named their overall race The Blues - although it seems like many ET races they are linked and work with a variety of other races also. Zeena was his permanent tour guide on this groupÂÂ’s home [terraformed] planet called Haven. Haven was a desert like, harsh environment that required a high tech body suit - yet had some amazing "organic" and sentient buildings and dwelling places on the surface. Alec continued to obtain profound information from the Havenite culture - including getting access to a vast library of information in one of their large communal type pyramid buildings.

After his experience - Alec's adventures got more bizarre - not so much from his friends but from more Earthly forms of life. Suffice to say that a section of the British and South African intelligence community paid him a series of none too friendly visits having obviously gained some awareness of his 10 day off-planet jaunt. Pressure upon the New Zealand authorities led to Alec being set-up in a minor car buying ring and resulted in a 12 month jail sentence, of which he had to serve 6 months. However it's blatantly obvious that his personal disdain for being told he was "required" to tell all about his ET encounter [along with some technology from a downed craft] resulting in his adamant refusal to disclose any details was the actual reason for his punishment. He was released broke and homeless - eventually managing to locate himself in Auckland and wrote the book of his account with Nexus Magazine which is now on its second updated edition.

Alec's account hasn't until more recently attracted the attention it certainly deserves. His case is on par with a handful of other experiencer accounts from around the world due to his prior lack of "contamination" from UFO culture. As a businessman and mechanic his book is written in a logical yet entertaining manner without losing the ability to describe imaginatively the complex spaces and concepts he found himself part of in 1989 and beyond. One particular aspect of his account involved a whole new angle on the 1982 Falklands War - leading to some significant breakthrough in research. It appears the blue ET group had been "de-engineering" a sentient oil-like substance near Thule Island in the South Atlantic due to fears of its terraforming potential if unleashed. Significant investigation from the account of Alec Newald led to the idea that the infamous Marconi deaths in Britain in the 1980s were related to this saga.


* Note the period is 1989 - same year as the infamous Phobos moon images and events were transmitted on TV by Russian space scientists.

Research into Blue ETs on Thule and Marconi deaths:


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