Novel, Gordon

Gordon Novel
Gordon Novel

Gordon Novel was one of the more controversial figures in the field of ufology, where his main interest lay in Zero Point Energy, and UFO propulsion systems.

From the Wikipedia: Gordon Michael Dwayne Novel (February 7, 1938 - October 3, 2012) was a private investigator and electronics expert, who was known for several controversial investigations. He was most notable for his conflict with District Attorney Jim Garrison and his work as investigator for automobile industry executive John DeLorean and U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark.

From Project Camelot (page no longer available): Carried along on the train of history, Gordon Novel has had a front seat to many of the most controversial chapters in U.S. history. From the Kennedy assassination to Watergate, Waco and beyond, Gordon has really seen it all. In his first interview for over a decade, he gives us a glimpse of his role and perspective on a multitude of subjects including the Vietnam war, Saddam Hussein and his trial, Majestic and the CIA, UFOs, the 'Extraterrestrial Revolution' and much more.

Several authors refer to Novel as a former CIA agent, which he always denied. Instead, he claimed they had occasionally used his services as a contractor. (His field of expertise lay in electronic surveillance and defense against electronic surveillance).

At the time of his death, Novel was actively working on a movie trilogy that was partly autobiographical and integrated much of what he had learned over the years. The project was never finalised.

His relevance to the field of ufology and exopolitcs lay in his interest in Zero Point Energy. He believed he could provide free energy to the people. Together with some sponsors, he set up a think tank/company, called RAM Gravionics that funded research into Zero Point Energy, and possible applications. At the time of his death, he was convinced they were close to a breakthrough, but that never happened. Some of the people involved in RAM Gravionics would five years later join Tom DeLonge's To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science.