Orion Confederation

The Orion Confederation is an extraterrestrial organization that interferes in Earths affairs in order to push Earth to a Service to Self orientation.

The RA Material mentions the presence on Earth of an Orion Confederation. This Orion Confederation is Service to Self oriented. They have been physically present on Earth for thousands of years, until about 3000 years ago, when they left the surface. They still do monitor what is happening on Earth, and according to the RA Material, many UFO sightings are of their craft. Not only do they monitor, they try and influence our thinking and attitudes so they would shift towards a Service to Self orientation. Telepathic suggestions are one of the methods they are using. The RA say that the members of the Federation of Planets have been systematically trying to undo and counterbalance the actions of the Orion Confederation. The RA refer to this ongoing battle as a thought war. They warn that the societal model that the Orion Confederation tries to push through will result in a society that has an elite to which most people are enslaved in one way or another.

It is not clear what their relationship to the Orion Empire is. Probably, they are its successor.