Paperclip Project

At the end of WW II, as well as after WWII. both the US and the Soviet Union were keen to get their hands on German scientists, as in many fields, the Germans had proven to have superior scientific knowledge. The Germans, e.g., were the only ones to possess supersonic rockets, nerve gas, jet aircraft, guided missiles, stealth technology and hardened armour.
In 1948, project Paperclip came into existence. Its goal was to transfer German scientists to the States where they would be offered immunity from prosecution on the condition that they handed over the results of their research and agreed to continue their work, yet this time for the US Government. Werner Von Braun, e.g., was one of those scientists.
Most of them ended up in Los Alamos and Whitesands (New Mexico), and in San Antonio (Texas).
There are reliable indications that the Germans also possessed anti-gravity devices, and that that technology was transfered to Whitesands. There also are persistent rumours that this technology was based upon extraterrestrial technology.

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