Procyon is the name of a binary star system, not too far from Sirius, in canis minor, about 11.4 light years away.

Star map

A lot of stories about alien contact with people that look like Swedes, or Nordics, or Blonds, mention Procyon as their home planet. As such they belong to the Lyran Caucasian group.

Most authors agree that Procyon was started as a colony by Rigelians of Lyran descent. When Rigel was taken over by the Greys, the Rigelian Blonds fled to Procyon.

Both Alex Collier and George Andrews claim that the Procyons recently got into a fight with Greys, and had to chase them from their world. This explains their frequent interaction with contactees on Earth where they warn about the activities of the Greys.

Joshua Stone calls them a benevolent humanoid race. Supposedly, they have contacted the US government, but the US wasn't interested because the Procyons didn't want to share their technology.
Apparently the Procyons have crossbred with humans, but for nobler purposes than the Greys. They have a philosophy of service to others.

(Branton's information on them is completely contradictory !!!)

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