Rick Doty

Richard Doty
Richard Doty

Richard (Rick) Doty (born 15 February 1950, Barton, NY) is a retired Master Sergeant who worked as a special agent for AFOSI (the Air Force Office of Special Investigations). He holds BS in Police Science from Chapman College, Orange, CA, and a  MA in Public Administration from the  University of New Mexico.
After his retirement from AFOSI he worked as a consultant for the Defense Intelligence Agency from Jan 91 to Mar 92. After that he started working for the New Mexico State Police in Gallup, NM, as a division patrol sergeant.

Among ufologists, Doty is a controversial figure because of his work for AFOSI, where he worked as a counterintelligence / disinformation agent. He probably is best known for giving disinformation to Paul Bennewitz and Linda Moulton Howe, and for orchestrating a campaign to discredit Paul Bennewitz.

Rick Doty played the part of 'Falcon' in the 1988 Kodak-produced network television documentary "UFO Cover-up Live" but it is generally accepted he wasn't the 'real' Falcon of the Aviary. In an article on Grant Cameron’s web site, it is stated that the actual Falcon probably was a DIA agent with a Slavic name who died in 2001. Only Bill Moore and Greg Bishop know who this person is. (Grant Cameron / Greg Bishop). Doty on the other hand claims that Air Force Col John Barry Hennessey is the Falcon, which John Barry Hennessey denies. 

Doty claims to have become a whistleblower and has assisted Robert Collins with this book, Exempt from Disclosure.

Many ufologists still do not trust information Doty provides, because of his past.

Given that he continued to spread disinformation long after he retired, - Doty, e.g., was the person who gave Bill Ryan the fake Serpo photos, - caution is indeed advised.