Sixto Paz Wells

Sixto Paz Wells is a Latin American 'contactee' who has oingoing encounters with a race of Mongolian looking humans. These beings allegedly are originally from the Orion constellation and have established a large base on one of Jupiter's moon's Ganymede. He and his brother Carlos Paz Wells have had a number of contact experiences after he first established telepathic communications with the extraterrestrials in 1974. These were quickly followed by a number of UFO sightings and physical contact with the extraterrestrials in the desert area of Chilca, Peru. The sightings involved multiple witnesses and the physical contacts involved a number of individuals who were being prepared for more extensive human extraterrestrial interactions. The case was independently investigated by the Spanish journalist Juan José Benitez who was so impressed by the sightings and contacts that he wrote a number of books describing what was happening at Chilca, Peru. He has a website (in Spanish) at:

Sixto's contacts have led to the establishment of a large organization in Latin America, Mission Rahma, that studies the contact protocols established by Sixto. There are also a number of photographs that have been taken of the UFO sightings by Sixto and Mission Rahma located on their website at: [Web site no longer online as of late 2012!]

Types of extraterrestrial beings Sixto has encountered:

- [Web page no longer online!]
- communications between Sixto Paz Wells and Giorgio Piacenza.