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Joanne Summerscales
Joanne Summerscales

Joanne Summerscales initially trained in media-orientated subjects, theatre, some television and video, and has an interest in project development, with experience in production, writing, performance,directing, teaching,therapy, and bereavement counselling. She has a keen interest in alternative energy systems, as well as alternatives in the field of health and wellness. Focus on non allopathic therapies led to further training in a gentle therapy system, using guided visualisation, addressing adverse patterns and triggers, that cause unhelpful life experiences. Stress management is a strong interest. In a couple of therapy cases, experiences emerged for clients that were `other than human´ with memories of being another being from a home planet that was destroyed, which planted seeds for her later work. On-going interest in reality/consciousness, its management and the soul journey as an integral aspect of the human experience, are factors that have led to the Ammach initiative.

The AMMACH project which she started January 23 2011, provides a national resource, for Experiencers, specifically orientated to the UK,(tho´ quickly becoming international), a point of contact, with a proactive, empathetic framework, from which we endeavour to bring, through exposure, awareness. Ammach hopes to establish a frame of reference and understanding of what the interactions with these `others´, those from `abroad´, mean for humanity, through the testimonies of Experiencers. Knowledge of our true history will eventually emerge from this very important, undervalued and often ridiculed subject. This is achieved through personal interviews, filmed with Miles Johnston, videographer and fellow researcher, creator of The Bases series in his undergroundvideouk website, and co-director. Joanne has also written a cutting edge tech. musical, theatrical production, around the subject of ET´s and planet Earth, which she hopes to get into production, once angel funders are in place.
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Joanne Summerscales is a member of the Advisory Board of the Exopolitics Institute.