Tau IX Treaty

Dan Burisch claims that "the Tau IX Treaty for the Preservation of Humanity" is the official name of the treaty with the Greys that allows them to abduct humans etc. in exchange for technology AND to help avert the disasters / earth changes that were supposed to happen in 2012. (See Edwards Agreement and Holloman Landing). The treaty allegedly has to be renewed every 9 years. The latest renewal was supposed to be in February 2012.

It should be added that in Dan Burisch's view, the Greys are humans from the future. (This is what he had been told by J-Rod). He claims that two distinct groups of greys / future humans have contacted us: one group who lives 45,000 years from now, and another who lives 52,000 years from now. The Tau IX treaty would be with the ones from 45,000 years into the future, and a group from Orion.
He also mentions a second treaty, the OF-9 treaty, which would be with the ones from 52,000 years from now, and again with a group from Orion.

Note: Many of the claims that Dan Burisch makes, as well as his own reliability as a whistleblower, are highly disputed.