The term "UFO" stands for "Unidentified Flying Object." A vast majority of UFO-sightings can easily be explained. It usually involves either a natural phenomenon, a planet (like Venus) or a star (like Sirius), or an "identified" flying object, like a weather balloon, or a sattellite. In recent years, the term UAP or Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon has been used instead.

Depending on the source, between two to five percent of UFO sightings involve real flying objects that are genuinely unidentified. In real numbers, those two to five percent still constitute a large amount of forty to fifty thousands of sightings every year!

Five Observables

UFOs often display observable characteristics that defy traditional explanations. These include:

  1. Anti-gravity lift: there are no visible engines or wings, yet these objects can hang stationary or hover
  2. Sudden and instantaneous acceleration or change of direction. Here, too, an antigravity aspect seems to be at play where normal G-forces do not seem to apply to the object and its possible occupants.
  3. Hypersonic velocities without signatures. Planes that travel faster than the spped of sound typically leave signatures like vapor trails or sonic booms, while that does not appear the case in many UFO cases.
  4. Low observability or cloaking.
  5. Trans-medium travel. UFOs are able to make the transition from travel in space to travel in our atmosphere to travel under water without any problems

UFO Shapes

There is a remarkable degree of consistency with regard to the shapes of the "spaceships" that people encounter. There seem to be six main categories, two of which look indeed like "flying saucers."

  1. A first type looks like an upside down saucer. Often it has a dome on top.
  2. A second type is similar, but looks more like two saucers on top of each other, the top one upside down. Again, these ships often have a dome on top.
  3. A third type consists of spheres or balls.
  4. Then there are the cigars, ships that are silvery in colour, and look like one giant cigar.
  5. Next are the triangular ships with pulsating lights. These ships are seen more and more frequently.It is believed several of those might very well be classified US technology, like the TR-3B, and are not extraterrestrial.
  6. Lastly, there are the ships that are oval shaped, or look like an egg.

Other types of crafts - that, e.g., look like croissants or crescent moons, or that have geometrical shapes, have been encountered, too, but not as frequently as these six types.

It is believed that the saucer-like ships are used by both humanoid (mainly Pleiadian) and Reptilian / Grey species. Thus far, mainly Greys have been seen near the cigar-shaped ships, though several contactees from the 50s describe cigar-shaped motherships that were inhabited by humanoids. Both Greys and humanoids have been seen near the triangular ships. The humanoids that occupy the croissant-like ships often identify themselves as Sirians. Still, insufficient data is available to make any definite assertions.