UFOTwitter Campaign

UFOTwitter is an exopolitical activism campaign on Twitter that was launched by Bryce Zabel, who co-authored After Disclosure with Richard Dolan, in 2020. Its purpose is to raise awareness about UFOs / UAP and to promote disclosure through Twitter. Other researchers support him in this #UFOTwitter campaign.

As part of that campaign, Zabel published an article in June 2020 on ‘We can handle the Truth,’ which got a lot of attention. He also challenged Neil deGrasse Tyson to a debate.

This #UFOTwitter grassroots campaign is ongoing, and its momentum is still growing as several prominent UFO filmmakers, researchers, media personalities, as well as some prominent whistleblowers have joined the campaign.

Some believe it is this campaign that convinced US senator Rubio to ask for the 2021 UAP report.

The tweets all use the hashtag #UFOTwitter.

Some of the people involved include Luis Elizondo, Bryce Zabel, Richard Dolan, Joe Murgia (UFOJoe), Jeremy Corbell, Gene Steinberg, George Knapp, Ryan Sprague (Somewhere in the Skies podcast), ...