Ufology is the study and investigation of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), also known as unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs). It is a field that aims to collect and analyze reports, evidence, and data related to UFO sightings, encounters, and related phenomena. Its goal is to determine the nature and origin of these sightings. Ufologists use a variety of methods and tools, such as interviewing witnesses, analyzing photographs and videos, conducting field investigations, and examining physical evidence, to try to understand the nature of UFO sightings and to determine whether they represent evidence of extraterrestrial life, advanced human technology, natural phenomena, or other explanations.

Note that the Wikipedia is rather biased and in one sweeping generalization considers the entire field of ufology pseudo-science.


Ufology uses a variety of methodologies to study and investigate UFO sightings and related phenomena. Here are some of the key methodologies used in ufology:

Overall, ufologists use a range of scientific and investigative methods to study and investigate UFO sightings and related phenomena, with the goal of understanding the nature and origin of these phenomena.


Quite a number of ufologists are involved in activism. Their goals are to educate the population about UFOs, and to get governments to reveal what they know about UFOs / UAPs.