United Worlds Alliance

Bob Renaud mentions that Korendor is a member of an organization, called the Alliance of Worlds or United Worlds Alliance, which is similar to, yet not the same as the Confederation of Planets / Association of Worlds.

Name: Renaud mentions two names that are used interchangeably in the texts: Alliance of Worlds and United Worlds Alliance.

Members: in an 2008 update, Renaud states that the organization has more than 800 000 worlds who are members. These come from 4 galaxies: the Milky Way Galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy (M31), and the two Magellanic Clouds, which are two dwarf galaxies that are satellites of the Milky Way. Most of its members are members of other organizations that have aligned itself with the Alliance but continue to exist as separate entities.

Foundation: The Alliance of Worlds is fairly young as it was only founded in what is our 1334 AD, by the Arcturians.

Orientation: the members of the Alliance of Worlds adhere to a Service to Others orientation.

Relationship to the Association of Worlds / Confederation of Planets: the Alliance is far younger as an organization than theConfederation of Planets / Association of Worlds is. But this also is a far larger organizations than the Confederation, though there seems to be a partial overlap as far as membership of the Confederation is concerned in that several members of the Confederation seem to be members of the Association of Worlds, too. Unlike the Confederation, the Alliance of Worlds seems to be more willing to intervene in other worlds to undo interventions / interferences by other civilizations, whereas the Confederation at present prefers to stick to a non-intervention rule.

Evaluation: Bob Renaud is the only source for this information, though the RA Material refers to other organizations than the Confederation of Planets that are similar to it, and who also are active on Earth, and with whom they disagree as to what the best way is to assist humanity.

Main source of information: http://www.berkshire.net/~brenaud/HTML/C19630724.htm