Gabriel Green, editor of UFO International Magazine, published the story of 'Bob', an American radio amateur who in 1961 was contacted on his radio by a race of 'Korendrians,' inhabitants of the planet Korendor. Bob was later identified as Bob Renaud. His story was published in the book "UFO contact from Korendor." Several researchers, including Wendelle Stevens, have investigated his claims, and are convinced he is sincere about them.

Astronomical Data

Location: Their home planet, Korendor (sometimes erroneously spelled Korender), is said to be the third planet in a solar system consisting of 12 planets circling the star Korena, which would be a star in the Bootes constellation, quite close to Arcturus. Korena would be 400 light years away from us.


Appearance: They are supposed to be a human looking civilization, that is a bit shorter than humans - about 4 to 5 feet tall. Renaud describes them as follows:

[The body] was expectedly short, (...) and solidly constructed for their gravity, which is 3.2 times that of Earth. The eyes were about the same size ratio to the head as ours, and placed at about the same location on the face. They were deep blue, almost indigo, with smaller pupils because of Korena's light being about 1/6 brighter at the Korendian surface than our sun's on Earth. There were no discernible eyebrows (or in fact any hair at all). The skull structure over the eyes protruded more than a Terran's, perhaps to shade the eyes from overhead sunlight.
The ears were smaller in relation to the head than ours, lobeless and distinctly peaked at the top. They were pressed almost flat against the head. The nose was small, with slit nostrils. The mouth was slit-like, with lips that were less pronounced than ours, and slightly narrower in proportion to the jaw. It was curled upward in what on Korendor must pass for a smile.
The head was rounded, with a larger cranial cavity (comparatively) than a Terran's, and with concavity in the cheeks that started at the lower jaw and ended in front of the ears. The neck was thick and sinewy, again an effect of higher gravity. The torso was compact and powerfully muscular. The arms and legs were at about the same ratio of length to body height as ours, but were heavier and very well developed.
The hands were proportionate to ours, but with slightly longer fingers and a discernible webbing between the thumb and the rest of the hand. As with the rest of the body, it appeared to be quite strong. The skin was very smooth. It was what we would call "white" in color, but with a "tanned" appearance not unlike what one would see on any California beach.

Affiliation: The Korendrians would be members of an Alliance of Worlds. From the information available on the Terrakor web site, as well as in the RA material, it becomes clear that this is NOT the same Federation of Planets that is often mentioned. Both organizations operate next to one another, with different members, and have a Service to Others orientation. It is said that thie Alliance of Worlds is more prone to intervene in other worlds to counter-act the actions of intervening Service to Self groups on those planets.

Case Information

At least two more radio amateurs have subsequently come forward claiming that they, too, had been contacted by Korendrians. Renaud, however, does not believe them.

Bob's main contact was called Lin-Erri, and he eventually got to meet her as well as other Korendrians.

Source & Reliability

Bob Renaud's case was investigated by a number of people, including Gabriel Green and Wendelle Stevens, who all found him a credible first-hand witness.

Source of information: The Terrakor Files (B.Renaud), as well as private emails with B. Renaud.