Short version: an abductee is a person who was involuntarily taken by aliens onto their craft, and subsequently returned.


At the 1992 MIT Conference on abductions, Mark Rodeghier proposed the following definition of abductees:

To qualify as an abductee, a person must be

  • taken against his or her will,
  • from terrestrial surroundings,
  • by non-human beings.

These beings must take a person to

  • an enclosed place,
  • non-terrestrial in appearance,
  • that is assumed or known to be a spacecraft by the witness.

In this place, the person must either be

  • subjected to a physical examination,
  • engaged in communication, verbal or telepathic,
  • or both.

These experiences may be remembered

  • consciously or
  • through methods of focused concentration, such as hypnosis.

Source: C.D.B. Bryan, Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind.


On the Internet, there are theories that abductees are mainly people with a Celtic and/or Native American ancestry, but no research has ever been done to back up those claims. On the contrary, researchers that have been contacted contradicted those claims. (Personal research).

A recent survey with regard to the blood types of abductees confirmed that all blood types can be found among abductees. The survey does, however, seem to indicate that people with a negative rhesus factor seem to stand a bigger chance of being abducted than people with a positive rhesus factor. There are a number of problems with the survey however. Follow-up research is needed. (http://www.icar1.com/Contactee-Blood-types.html)