Sparks, Jim

Jim Sparks has had experiences with non-human intelligent beings since 1988. Initially an unwilling abductees, once he was able to put aside his rage, overcome his fear and accept that he was encountering some sort of technologically advanced beings from which he could not escape, his experiences transformed.

Jim has approximately 90 percent conscious awareness of his experiences, giving him clear memories of amazing technology that includes time travel, invisibility, multidimensional aspects of reality, and manipulation of gravity and electro-magnetic fields, as well as information as to why these visitors are here and making their presence known to ordinary people. After a mass abduction in 1996, everything changed for Jim and he was initiated in to the role of participant, rather than abductee.

The son of hard working, Italian-American parents, Jim was raised in Florida where his childhood memories were of a vast unknown filled with strange and interesting creatures, the Everglades. He graduated high school in South Florida, and studied business and real estate at community colleges in both Miami and Houston. He was a successful land developer in North Carolina when his abductions began.

Until the abductions, Jim’s life was that of a normal, average American. He grew up, went to school, got married and did all the things people typically do. For some thirty odd years the only unusual living things he encountered were the wildlife of Florida's Everglades.

In 1988 his life changed forever. The huge Everglades of his childhood were but a grain of sand on a Florida beach compared to the vastness of space and dimensions to which his abductors exposed him.

Today Jim realizes he is not alone. Many others have gone through similar experiences. Whether fortunate or unfortunate, he differs from most abductees in that he has almost total recall of his experiences with beings from other regions and dimensions of space and time. His goal is to explain the agenda of these beings and the message they bring to humanity.

In the two decades he has been dealing with the ETs, he has seen and experienced amazing technologies that could eliminate our need for fossil fuel by creating free, non-polluting energy. These technologies are not just pipe dreams — they are real, and they have been kept secret from humanity for thousands of years by otherworldly beings. Jim believes that many of these advanced technologies are now in human hands, but they have been kept from the general public.

Jim lives in the Nevada desert. He put aside his work as a debt consultant in 2007 to work full time to educate the public regarding the Alien/UFO Abduction scenario and its purpose. A conservationist at heart, Jim encourages others to support the work being done by the Nature Conservancy to help save critical acreage in the Atlantic Forest region of South America. He currently is writing his second book. The Keepers: An Alien Message for the Human Race is his first book.