Ashtar Command

Quite a few New Age sources mention the 'Ashtar Command,' which allegedly is some interplanetary and interdimensional agreement of several extraterrestrial cultures. Their goal is to assist civilizations in the process of Ascension, by offering knowledge. The Ashtar Command is said to be under the administrative direction of Ashtar Sheran, and under the spiritual guidance of Lord Sananda / Maitreya, of whom Jesus Christ was one incarnation.

The Ashtar Command allegedly has a whole fleet of starships at its disposal. This fleet sometimes is referred to as the Galactic Command.

A lot of the Members of the Ashtar Command are said to be active on the Fifth and higher-dimensional planes, though many incarnate in 3D-physical bodies on Earth today and serve as Light-workers.
The Members of the Ashtar Command are also referred to as 'The Brother-, or Sisterhood of Light' or 'The Great White Brotherhood.'

All Ascended Masters can be considered Members of The Ashtar Command.

Some (ET-) Personalities of the Ashtar Command are:

See also: Association of Worlds (or Federation of Planets).

It should be pointed out, however, that according to at least three sources, the Ashtar Command has been infiltrated by "Negatively Oriented" Aliens, or at least that on more than one occasion, negatively oriented aliens have presented themselves as "members of the Ashtar Command."

Note that virtually all of the information on the Ashtar Command is channeled, though corroborated by some contactees. Remote viewers, too, confirm the existence of such an organisation.