In his book "UFO Contact From Planet Baavi in Proxima Centauri of the Centaurus Group", Wendelle Stevens deals with the contact case of 'Monsieur Y.' Two French authors also investigated the case.

Note the similarity to the word 'Bawwi' which also was a case investigated by Wendelle Stevens. It is possible these are the same, especially if one takes into consideration that French Author Robert Laffont, who also investigated the case, uses the spelling Baawi. However, Stevens refers to the Bawwi as 'Giants', whereas the inhabitants of Baavi are referred to as normal human looking.

Astronomical Data

LOCATION: Baavi is the name of a planet in orbit around Proxima Centauri (Alpha Centauri C), at a distance of approximately 4.5 light years from Earth.

Appearance - Phenotype

The inhabitants of the planet Baavi look like the typical Blonds, and as such belong to the Lyran Caucasian group. In other words, they can walk among us without being recognized.(Phenotype A1)


"... on Baavi all human activity is concentrated in a metropolia, -the rest of the planet being left to nature and to the animals, which inhabit it. Men and women are on a footing of absolute equality, and have a lifespan which, though not unlimited, runs to several centuries. Their age is, so to speak, arrested when they attain their majority.
Before becoming full members of society, -young people - as soon as they reach proper age, are expected to make their genetic contribution, whether they are male of female, after that they are sterilized. There is no marriage among the Baavi'ans - love is free in the physical sense, but the fact of indulging in it one or more times a day with one or several women, does not imply any particular feeling of affection or tenderness. Baavi'ans all love each other, without any special preferences. Exceptions are rare - a state of affairs very difficult for us to envisage. They foresee that a great cataclysm will occur on Earth within a comparatively short time, and it seems that the Baavi'ans want to save some part of the human race, possibly with the idea of repopulating the Earth afterwards. "Operation NOAH" - as one might say. This is all we are allowed to publish."


Case Information

In 1934, Monsieur Y had been in southern Algeria, in the highlands between the Ighargharem Valley, near the Tassili of Ajjer/Azdjer, and the Issaouan Valley. There he met an old Sahara nomad who told him strange things. He showed him a cave where some old religious, texts were found, and some pages said to have been liferules from "Baavi". Mr. Y later - between 1940 and '45 disappeared for 2 months, when his family thought he was dead. In that time he claims to have been taken to Baavi, where he received an education.

Source & Reliability

This case was investigated, independently of one another, by Wendelle Stevens, and by the French authors Robert Charroux (1964) and Robert Laffont (1969).
All concluded the case was genuine.

Laffont described Mr Y as follows: " all appearances the man is balanced and sensible, taciturn (means of "few words") rather than garrulous (talkative). He has no wish to make a splash, to impress, to be the center of attention. He is cultured, intelligent, serious minded. Honestly, from our knowledge of him, we were prejudiced in his favour. Everything about him seemed open and sincere, but there was immensity of the whole affair - to visit a planet which is 3,5 light years distant..."