Channelling is the phenomenon whereby an individual allows a higher level of consciousness to flow through them, often verbally, as in trance channelling, but also through automatic writing. (Source: R. Gerber, Vibrational Medicine, Glossary).

Channelling is an ancient technique used by different cultures throughout history. It involves receiving information from a higher dimensional source. It is a skill that can be learnt by anyone, and is meant as a powerful means of conscious spiritual transformation. There are professional and experienced channellers who are able to give personal readings. (Source: 'The Natural Health Directory 2003,' in Longevity Magazine, January 2003.)

In "The Prism of Lyra" K. Priest and L. Royal define channeling as "the process of receiving communication from an infinite number of dimensional realities. This communication can be expressed via writing, verbal relay, artwork, music composition, and any creative expression." (PoL)

More and more, channeling is becoming an accepted source of (alternative) information. One of the problems inherent to channeling, however, is that the information always has to pass through a layer of subjectivity. Unfortunately, it happens quite often that the channel 'taints' or 'colours' the information by blending in his or her own expectations, points of view, etc. On several occasions, channelers have reported entities that constantly gave unreliable information, too. The reliability of the channeled information, therefore, depends on both the channel or medium, and the channeled entity.

Another common problem is that people just give a voice to a subpersona, some sort of inner prophet. By now, unfortunately, most of the channeled material that is available on the Internet falls in this latter category.

Some famous channelers:

Famous channeled entities, apart from most of the Ascended Masters: