The Dogon is the name of a tribe in western Africa (Mali, near Timbuktu) that worships its 'teachers' from Sirius. Cave paintings give actual depictions of the Sirius star system, including some stars that only recently have been discovered, while the paintings are hundreds of years old...

Some people -and their history - say that they moved to Mali from Egypt. "For many generations they have possessed a knowledge of advanced astrophysics concerning the Sirius Star system, that they claim was given to them by beings from that system." (Lyssa Royal & Keith Priest, The Prism of Lyra)

The Dogon had knowledge, e.g., about Sirius being a binary system long before the existence of a secondary star was confirmed. They refer to the beings from Sirius who gave them this knowledge as the Nommo.


Robert K.G. Temple, in The Sirius Mystery, was the first to draw attention to the Dogon.