1. Elohim is one of the names given to God. Grammatically speaking the word "Elohim" is a plural, and therefore refers to a collective. Usually it is used to indicate the Creator and the Angelic forces, as described in Revelation chapter 12.

2. The first thing God created were the Creative Fathers or Founders, or simply "the Creators." They are the ones in charge of creation. SEE: Founders
It should be pointed out however, that certain life form that came into existence later on, like e.g. some reptilian races, started creating life forms too, and started calling themselves "Creator Gods." Some sources therefore confuse the Elohim with these Reptilian-Creator Gods. (And personally, I believe even Lyssa Royal made that mistake when she calls the founders "insect-like").
It has been suggested that the Elohim would be involved in some kind of "war" with the Reptilians and the Orion Confederation, trying to prevent the Reptilians from following their own agenda with Creation, and trying to make sure God's Master Plan is being executed.
There are links to the ELs, who may be physical life forms or materialized manifestations that come straight from the Elohim. These are called "pure ELs." Sometimes these ELs prefer to go through the 'normal' birthing process to take a material form. These are called hybrid ELs.
There also is a link to the EL consciousness: SEE EL for more information.

3. Note that there actually are several extraterrestrial races that are referred to as the 'ELs' or 'Elohim':