Group Consciousness

In the context of spiritual evolution, group consciousness is the state of awareness of awareness of 'me' and of 'we' has (largely) merged.

With the mind-meld of total communication comes a complete sharing of all experiences, of all knowledge, thoughts, and emotions. This is the way higher-dimensional beings communicate with each other. It is not something that only occasionally happens between two individuals but it is the normal mode of communicating among everyone. Over time, this leads to a collective or mass consciousness where everybody can access everybody's experiences, thoughts, knowledge, etc. Some authors have called this a social memory complex. The boundaries between individual and collective identity fade, and a group matrix identity is established where awareness truly is a multi-dimensional experience as everything is experienced from as many angles as there are individuals. Such a way of being naturally becomes a state of total oneness and integration.
To become such a group consciousness is a normal stage in our evolution, and one day, mankind, too, will develop into a collective consciousness as it follows the natural universal flow toward wholeness and integration. We are, however, still far away from that point in time. For more information on the road ahead, the different stages of awareness and the process of integration, see Density.

Several mass consciousnesses are currently interacting with mankind, and as they do so, they uplift our frequencies, too. First of all there is the collective of Ascended Masters, where each master maintained a certain degree of individuality in order to not alienate him- or herself too much from mankind. Other groups include the Ra, the Essassani, and the Orion Group Consciousness that was the result of the mass ascension in Orion .

The terms 'mass consciousness' and 'group consciousness' are often used as synonyms. In The Prism of Lyra, Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest define a mass consciousness as follows: "Mass consciousness refers to the singular identity of a group. For example, the mass consciousness of Earth is made up of each individual consciousness integrated into a homogenous unit."

In The Prism of Lyra, Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest also use the term 'Social Memory Complex' for 'a mass consciousness or non-physical group matrix identity that has evolved from a physical society.'