Albert Tomschi is an Austrian contactee who claims to have met beings who said they came from a planet called Harus. He also claims that he met other beings who came from another planet as well: planet KARA or KRAK (both spellings are used).

Allegedly, the inhabitants from Harus and Krak "are very peace-loving, highly developed people, who have used space travel for millions of years, and also visit our system. Their food is predominantly vegetarian."

Astronomical Data

There is no astronomical data available.

Physical Appearance / Phenotype

The inhabitants from Harus look like hybrids that are a mixture of reptilian (snake / lizard), grey and human phenotypes.


The case was investigated by Wendelle Stevens who deemed the witness reliable.
However, when I approached him, he was evasive, and said he had nothing to say about the case.
He also mentions other beings for a star cluster 'Sychorus' which is not listed anywhere.