Hawaii Declaration

(Hawaii) Declaration on Peaceful Relations with Extraterrestrial Civilizations

Speakers and Participants at the June 9-11, 2006 conference on Extraterrestrial Civilizations and World Peace (Kona, Hawaii) agreed by consensus on the Hawaii Declaration on Peaceful Relations with Extraterrestrial Civilizations. The Declaration affirmed “the intent of humanity to join in peaceful and cooperative relations with extraterrestrial civilizations.” Successive versions of the Declaration had been circulated to all conference speakers and participants for formal discussion. The conference organizers and advisors developed a process for facilitating group consensus over the Declaration.

A pre-conference draft had been electronically circulated to all speakers for feedback in order to develop a document for physical circulation at the conference. At the opening of the conference on Friday June 9, 2006, a draft was circulated to all participants where they could comment on each principle in written form. Participant feedback was summarized and helped guide speakers at a subsequent luncheon on the second day (Saturday) to discuss the items which had strongest support from conference participants. Speakers present at the luncheon agreed by consensus on the revisions to the Declaration based on participant feedback and speaker comments.

Conference participants were then invited to attend a special session on Saturday afternoon where they could hear the results of the participant feedback process and what was discussed at the Speaker luncheon. Based on further participant comments and suggested revisions, speakers met again on Sunday mid-morning to discuss participant suggests. This led to further revisions of the document and the development of a penultimate draft for the final speaker panel of the conference. During the final panel session, the audience proposed a number of further revisions and after more debate, the proposed revisions were adopted by the speakers. The final version of the Hawaii Declaration on Peaceful Relations with Extraterrestrial Civilizations was formally adopted by consensus.

This was a unique moment in the recent history of human awareness of extraterrestrial life. For the first time consensus had been achieved on how to establish peaceful relations with extraterrestrial civilizations. The consensus process had been chaired by Dr Michael Salla with assistance by Hugh Matlock. Advisors included Angelika Whitecliff, Paola Harris, Dr Tom Hansen and Alfred Webre, J.D. What follows is the Declaration adopted by consensus at the 2006 Conference and subsequently circulated on the internet. To date it has been translated into seven languages.

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Hawaii Declaration on Peaceful Relations with Extraterrestrial Civilizations

We, the individuals and institutions participating in and/or supporting the Extraterrestrial Civilizations & World Peace Conference in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, June 9-11, 2006,

Are a body of concerned private citizens who are promoting world peace and harmonious relations with extraterrestrial civilizations,

Recognizing the overwhelming evidence pointing to the presence of extraterrestrial civilizations, and their generally peaceful interaction with individuals and governmental authorities,

Inspired by the profound significance for humanity of sharing the wisdom, knowledge, culture and technology provided by extraterrestrial civilizations,

Asserting that extraterrestrial civilizations have been observing human evolution for some time with particular interest in humanity's quest for lasting peace among its peoples,

Noting that extraterrestrial civilizations have indicated that the abolishment of nuclear weapons worldwide is a necessary milestone toward peaceful coexistence on earth and as a prerequisite for open contact,

Recalling United Nations resolutions concerning international co-operation in the peaceful exploration and use of outer space, banning atmospheric and underwater nuclear tests, and proscribing hostile acts on the moon and other celestial bodies,

Recognizing a range of initiatives promoted by private citizens and citizen organizations with regard to extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth,

Intending for this Declaration to be used as a starting point for a greater public dialogue with those holding similar or diverging perspectives and interests concerning extraterrestrial visitation,

Using a consensual decision making process among speakers, organizers, and participants at the Extraterrestrial Civilizations and World Peace Conference, 2006, we have agreed to,
Honor the following principles for establishing peaceful relations with extraterrestrial civilizations:

1. We affirm the intent of humanity to join in peaceful and cooperative relations with extraterrestrial civilizations,

2. Affirm support for United Nations resolutions promoting the peaceful use of Outer Space, and support for UN, International and U.S. Congressional initiatives to prevent an arms race in outer space, including the weaponization of space,

3. Affirm the natural right of all citizens to have open contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations in all cases, and to engage in non-official diplomacy,

4. Declare the need for Civil Society to develop acceptable protocols (standards of behavior) with extraterrestrial civilizations, that the protocols should be representative of the aspirations of all humanity, and that all nations should work in concert to establish peaceful relations,

5. Cooperate with extraterrestrial civilizations in promoting Earth, Cosmic and Life friendly technologies, and encouraging the right use and open availability of these technologies,

6. Affirm our desire to coordinate the earth's ecological health and biological diversity with extraterrestrial civilizations that can aid us in that endeavor,

7. And express our desire to welcome the open appearance of benevolent extraterrestrial civilizations.


Expressions of Support - Conference Organizers and Speakers

Michael E. Salla, PhD (Convenor/Speaker); Angelika Whitecliff (Co-Organizer); Hon Paul Hellyer (Speaker); Thomas Hansen, PhD (Speaker); Joan Ocean, M.Sc. (Speaker); Paola Harris, M.Ed. (Speaker); Alfred Webre, J.D. (Speaker); James Gilliland (Speaker); Robert Salas, (Capt USAF, ret.- speaker); Mary Rodwell, R.N. (Speaker); Neil Freer (Speaker); Scott Jones, PhD (Speaker); Philip Corso, Jr (Speaker); Darryl Anka (Speaker); Wendelle Stevens (Lt Col. USAF ret. - Speaker);

"A New World if you can take it" (Lt Col Philip Corso)

Official Conference website: http://etworldpeace.earthtransformation.com/

Conference Sponsor is the Exopolitics Institute: www.exopoliticsinstitute.org

Kailua-Kona , Hawaii , June 11, 2006

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