In Sacred Journey to Atlantis, Dr. Norma Milanovich and J. Meltesen call Kuthumi an "Ascended Master known to be the World Teacher, who serves Sananda (Jesus, the Christ).

References cite Kuthumi's former embodiments as including:

In his last embodiment, he was known to have the name Koot Humi." (SJA)

Ellie Crystal adds lifetimes as Thutmose III, and as Baltazar (one of the 3 magi), but does not mention him being John the Beloved.

He is connected to the Temple of Wisdom and Understanding in Kashmir, India.

Kuthumi has a connection with Atlantis, and is said to be the Lord of the Second Ray, by some authors, while others call him the Lord of the Third or Yellow Ray.

Kuthumi was one of the main guides of Madame Blavatsky. (See Theosophy for more information).