Lords of the Seven Rays

In Sacred Journey to Atlantis, Dr. Norma Milanovich and J. Meltesen mention that the 'Lords of the Seven Rays' is the name given to "the Ascended Masters who preside over the seven rays, or the Light emanations of the Godhead which emerge through the prism of Christ Consciousness." (SJA)

Several sources mention the Christ Consciousness or God's Light manifesting in Seven Rays. Some of these sources mention that the rays are ruled by seven archangels, while others mention seven Ascended Masters as the 'Lords of the Seven Rays.' Unfortunately, the sources contradict each other when it comes to the actual Masters that are said to rule a specific ray. (Which, of course, is a trivial discussion, since, as they have ascended, these 'people' are no individuals any more, anyway).

  1. The First Ray is the Red Ray. It represents the qualities of Protection, Power and Initiative. Some Sources say that it is 'ruled' by the Hindu God Manu, while others claim that its Masters are El Morya and the archangel Michael.
  2. The Second Ray is the Orange Ray. It represents the qualities of Illumination, Wisdom and Perception. Its Masters are Kuthumi and the archangel Jophiel.
  3. The Third Ray is the Yellow Ray. It represents the qualities of Love, Tolerance and Gratitude. Its Masters are Paul the Venetian and the archangel Chamuel.
  4. The Fourth Ray is the Green Ray. It represents the qualities of Purity, Resurrection and Artistic Development. Some sources mention Hilarion as the Master of the Fourth Ray (and call it the ray of healing, constancy, and abundance), while others mention Serapis Bei, and the archangel Gabriel.
  5. The Fifth Ray is the Blue Ray. It represents the qualities of Concentration, Truth and Scientific Development. Some sources mention El Morya as the Lord of the Fifth Ray (and call it the ray of power, authority and law), while others mention Hilarion and the Archangel Raphael.
  6. The Sixth Ray is the Indigo Ray. It represents the qualities of Devotional Worship, Ministration and Peace. Its Masters are (said to be) Jesus and the archangel Uriel.
  7. The Seventh Ray is the Purple Ray. It represents the qualities of Ordered Service, Culture, Refinement, Diplomacy and Invocation. Its Masters are said to be Zadkiel and St. Germain.

Note that there are quite some similarities with the so called, Seven Lords of the Flames, which is a title given to the Kumaras. (See Kumaras).

Some sources use a different system all together, and talk about twelve rays, who are mastered by twelve Arch-Angels, and/or twelve Ascended Masters.