Lalich, Nadine

Nadine Lalich
Nadine Lalich

Nadine Lalich is a Renaissance woman. Entrepreneur, administrator, writer, natural health advocate, student of mental development, artist, designer, it is Lalich’s vivid and mysterious painting which adorns the cover of her book, Alien Experiences, co-authored with Barbara Lamb. Inside the book are several more of Nadine’s drawings in B&W.
After 19 years of being closeted with her abduction experiences, Nadine writes of her relief at finally getting the story out in the open. "I was fed up with the isolation, so I took charge by speaking out." Now, she tells us, she is no longer tormented. This is an important lesson for all abductees.
In 2007 Nadine appeared on the Discovery Channel program, "Best Evidence, Alien Abductions."
For more than 20 years Nadine was employed in the legal field as a litigation assistant, document management specialist and project coordinator.
Her writing and design talents were first marketing in 2000, when she created an inspirational storybook, The Dream of Becoming. Along with the book, she produced a line of related products marketed under the name of Hug Bandit and Co. at
Nadine lives in California.

Source: JAR Magazine