The Brotherhood of the OG-Min consists of both physical and non-physical entities, in service to The Light.
I haven't found too much on them yet, but they have a close connection to the EL's, and to the EL consciousness. Probably, there is also a connection with the AN's.

It is interesting to see that the first part of the word Og-Min, is OG. Cayce mentions the OG, a race (of aliens ?) that lived in the Andes, before the Incas did. When Atlantis had its first wars, people fled to the land of the OG.
Solara too talks about a race of aliens that came to live in the Andes, long before the Inca's -or even any human beings, for that matter- were around... And when the humans came, -first the Lemurians, then the Atlanteans- some of the aliens went to live with the humans, creating the Land of An, in Peru, while others remained in their "City of the Gods" (Tiahuanaco / Tiwanaku ?). See AN for more information on the Land of AN.

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