Philadelphia Experiment

The "Philadelphia Experiment" is the popular (yet incorrect) name of the experiments that took place on the Montauk, Long Island Base, as part of the Phoenix Project. In this experiment attempts were made to make a ship invisible by using extraterrestrial time-travel techniques. The first one of these experiments was in 1913. A second one was in 1943 under the name Rainbow (but often referred to as Philadelphia), while a third one, referred to as Montauk or Phoenix took place in 19'83. The fourth, and final one of these series, will be in 2012/2013. Rumour has it that these experiments also involve traveling to Mars, Venus and the Moon through time and space -tunnels.
The ship the first experiment was done with was either the USS Eldridge, or the USS Philadelphia. [Some sources mention the USS Eldridge, while others the USS Philadelphia].
Al Bielek claims to have been part of the experiments. Morris K. Jessup was the person who revealed the existance of the Philadelphia experiment, and was killed soon afterwards

See Phoenix Project for more information.

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