The serpent or snake is a highly complex and universal symbol, that has many meanings.
- as a killer, it is death and destruction;
- as renewing its skin periodically, it is life and resurrection;
- as coiled, it is equated with the cycles of manifestation.
It is solar and lunar, life and death, light and darkness, good and evil, wisdom and blind passion, healing and poison, preserver and destroyer, spiritual and physical rebirth.

In Earth's Galactic History, it is interesting to know that the physical Sirians were called the snake-people, and used a serpent as a symbol for their people.
They were however not the only ones to carry this name and symbol: the Lemurian record keepers too were called the snake people, as are some tribes of the native Americans. And that, of course, is how the lineage went: Sirians, interacting with Lemurians, who then fled first to South, and later to North America.

Sometimes, however, the term "snake-people" is also used to refer to the reptilian races.