Short non-greys

There are a number of witnesses who encountered humanoids that are shorter than the average human, and who have slightly bigger heads and bigger eyes, which are said to be ‘bulging.’ They measure about 0.9 to 1.2 m (3 to 4 feet). They have a fair complexion, with pale white skin that is sometimes referred to as ‘ashen white.’ They have a proportionally large, bald, non-bulbous head, a very small nose, tiny lipless mouth, a face with a high forehead that is wide at eye level but thins at the chin. Some refer to their eyes as 'Asian.' People say they have a childlike quality about them, yet they have been encountered during abductions! The shape of their heads and of their bodies is different from that of small Greys.

Note that there are a lot of similarities with what SOM1-01 referred to as EBE type 1:

a. EBE Type I. These entities are humanoid and might be mistaken for human beings from the Oriental race if seem from a distance. They are bi-pedal, 5-5 feet 4 inches in height and weigh 80-100 pounds. Proportionally they are similar to humans, although the cranium is somewhat larger and more rounded. The skin is a pale, chalky-yellow in color, thick and slightly pebbled in appearance. The eyes are small, wide-set, almond-shaped with brownish-black irises with very large pupils. The whites of the eyes are not like that of humans, but have a pale gray cast. The ears are small and set low on the skull. The nose is thin and long, and the mouth is wider than in humans, and nearly lipless. There is no facial hair and very little body hair, that being very fine and confined to the underarm and the groin area. The body is thin and without apparent body fat, but the muscles are well developed. The hands are small, with four long digits but no opposable thumb. The outside digit is jointed in a manner as to be nearly opposable and there is no webbing between the fingers as in humans. The legs are slightly but noticeably bowed, and the feet are somewhat splayed and proportionally large.

Some believe the beings that were found at Roswell weren't Greys, but these 'short non-greys' instead.