Several authors mention a reptilian race, called the Targ or Targzissian, that colonised Earth in the past.

Other information about them is conflicting.

Some authors claim they would have walked around even in Sumerian times. Some statuettes with creatures that have insect or reptile-like heads would be depictions of Targs. They also claim that Marduk would have been a hybrid: half Targ, half humanoid. His mother ID would have been Targ, while his father Enki was humanoid.

Other authors seem to use the name as a synonym for reptilians of either Draconian or Orion descent. They would be shape-shifters, and can create telepathic illusions.

One author, Riley Martin, claims they have been at war with other races for ages, but by now would have come to some understanding with them, even though the others still aren't very sure about their intentions. The Targ would have created at least one of the grey species, as a hybrid between humans and Targs. Their colonisation of Earth would have ended approximately 70 million years ago, when they were wiped of the Earth by an army of several other races, including the Biiaviians.

The name Targ was probably first used by L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology, in a lecture he held in 1952. In it, he describes Earth as a prison planet in which an alien race, the Targ, dumped the souls of their enemies.

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