Tasca, Antonio

Antonio Tasca is a famous Brazilian contactee / abductee, who had his encounter with beings from Acali in November 1983.

Case Information

From Albert S. Rosales database of humanoid encounters:

Location. Chapeco, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Date: December 14 1983 Time: night

Antonio Tasca was driving back to town when he suddenly felt an urge to stop as he drove by the Coca-Cola factory. He then felt compelled by a strange force to enter a secondary road. In the way he soon sighted an object ahead, which at first he thought was a bus. The craft was rectangular in shape, with small windows all around its perimeter. Soon he perceived that the object was gray metallic in color and was hovering silently just above the road. He stopped his car and turned the headlights off; he locked the door and walked in the direction of the object. The rectangular-shaped windows were set in a row and gave off a soft light. A few meters from the object he felt a heat wave and decided to return to his car. As he reached into his pocket to get his keys a beam of white-yellowish light, approximately 1 meter in width illuminated an area under his feet. He felt levitated by the 'mat' of light and floated towards the direction of the object. He does not remember how he entered the object. His next memory was of opening his eyes and lying in a dark and very cold environment or room. He could only move his feet, as he laid on a very cold surface. As the time passed the cold temperatures increased and his breathing became difficult. Desperate he began crying out for help. After some time the temperature became normal and his breathing regular. Soon he heard footsteps and he perceived several small individuals that stood around him. He felt probing on his body made by some type of sharp object possibly being handled by one or more of the short humanoids. He heard what sounded like grunt-like sounds being exchanged between the little humanoids. He was then carried by three short humanoids into another room. He was left alone there lying on the floor. The room was brightly lit and instinctively he closed his eyes. He did could not see the source of the light. He did not see any doors windows or any living creatures in the room with him. He noticed his clothing neatly folded in a pile along with his socks and shoes. He dressed himself and then touched the walls noticing that they were very smooth but not cold or hot to the touch. Suddenly a section of the wall seemed to disappear and strange beautiful woman appeared at the entrance. Her appearance reminded Tasca of the popular actress Bruna Lombarde. She was short, about 1.20m in height, with smooth brown shoulder length hair, blue slanted eyes. She wore an indigo-blue dress that hung a little below the knees; the dress had a sort of "T" sewing design around the breast area. Soon Tasca is apparently seduced by this beautiful female and engages sex with her. 

After this episode he is introduced tothe apparent commander of the object a short human-like creature who identified himself as "Cabala". This humanoid told Tasca that he would be released shortly. Cabala placed some type of device on Tasca’s head resembling a diadem, which apparently conveyed numerous information to Tasca. He saw a series of semi-circles, green, yellow and red in color of approximately 3cm in height. The main message was the necessary deactivation of all nuclear weapons and the announcing of a new phase for humanity, which in essence impelled humans to seek an ecological balance and to unmask new technologies and sciences. The apparatus was soon removed and Cabala left the room. Soon the room became dark and several short beings emitting the same grunting noises appeared and grabbed Tasca. Soon Tasca found himself lying on the ground; he had several injuries and marks on his body, which were later examined at a local hospital by Dr. Madalozzo and Dr. Carlos King. Tasca lost his appetite for several days and vomited frequently after the encounter.

HC addition # 328

Source: SBEDV, Brazil, Painel Ovni Brazil


A video (in Portuguese) is available on YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXLEG-znLFs

The case was first investigated by Dr. Walter Karl Buhler, one of the pioneers of Brazilian Ufology, and is generally considered reliable. Wendelle Stevens, too, investigated the case.