Van Tassel, George

George Van Tassel (1910-1978) was one of the early California contactees from the 50s. He is probably best known for his annual Giant Rock UFO conventions.

George Van Tassel was born in Jefferson, Ohio in 1910, and grew up in a fairly prosperous middle-class family. He finished high school in the 10th grade and held a job at a Cleveland airport; he also acquired a pilot's license. At 20, he headed for California. (Wikiepedia).

In 1942, Van Tassel applied for a lease of the abandoned airport near Giant Rock, and was fiven a renewable Federal Government contract to develop the airstrip. In the mean time, he had also started working as an aircraft engineer and flight inspector.

Van Tassel became a contactee in the 50s. Like many other contactees from that time, he had face to face interactions with 'Venusians', with whom he also communicated telepathically. And he went aboard their ship. They instructed him to start meditating , and they provided him with the information to build his famous 'Integraton,' which allegedly was an electrostatic machine that could recharge the cellular structure thereby restoring health and providing longevity. Van Tassel built a partly operational model, but failed to complete it before he died. 

Between 1953 and 1978, Van Tassel organized the annual Giant Rock Spacecraft Conventions in the California desert. These conventions were attended by thousands of individuals who were drawn to the Mojave Desert location where 'flying saucer' sightings were common. In 1959, 11 000 people attended the convention.

George Van Tassel also was the first person to have telepathic communications with Ashtar Sheran.