1. Venus is the name of the second planet from the sun, our second closest neighbor. Nowadays, it is a very inhospitable planet where life in 3D as we know it is no longer possible.

Still, there are many stories about inhabitants of Venus. They are believed to live on astral planes. There also are stories of extraterrestrials who still occasionally call themselves Venusians because their ancestors originally came from Venus. This is the case, e.g., for the inhabitants of Meton.

One of these races that are said to still live on Venus are the Hathor. (Mentioned by Bob Frissell): They are a fourth dimensional race. They "are Christ-Consciousness beings. They stand ten to sixteen feet tall and base all their science on sound currents coming from the throat. They are beings of pure Light and tremendous Love. They have been working with the Egyptians and with [mankind on Earth] for a long time." (B. Frissell, Nothing ..., p. 148).

Another race of Venusian origin is mentioned by Dr. Daniel Fry, in The White Sands Incident. The "Nors" are said to be an "etheric" higher dimensional race. When they choose to take physical shape, they look like Earth's Nordic races. They supposedly are one of the Eldest races in our solar system, and are Members of the "galactic council." The Nors no longer inhabit Venus.

Contactee Sixto Paz Wells claims to be in contact with beings from Venus who are humanoid in shape, about 5 foot 6 inches tall, with feline-like eyes, very long ear lobes, and abundant hair on the head. They would refer to 'Venus' as 'Siris'. His main contact from Venus would be a woman called 'Titinac,' and a man called 'Sampiac.' (Giorgio Piacenza, "Complexity of Contacts," in Exonews, 21 June 2012,

Two more races allegedly originated on Venus, but no longer live there:
- The kumaras
- The Ra, a sixth dimensional social memory complex (cf. the series of books of "The RA Material").

Also note that a lot of contactees in the 40s, 50s and 60s were told by their "contactors" with golden blond hair, that they (=the aliens) originated from Venus.

2. In Roman Mythology, Venus is the Goddess of Love. Her Greek name is Aphrodite. See Aphrodite for more information

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