1. In Sumerian Mythology, Inanna is the archetypal maternal figure. She is the Goddess of Love and War: Inanna stands beside her insignia, gateposts hung with streamers, and is present whenever life is conceived through love or ended in battle. She is the daughter of Nanna (who himself is Enlil's son), the twin-sister of Utu (her brother), and older sister of Ereshkigal.

In other cultures she is known as Ishtar, Astarte, Isis, and some even say Quan-Yin. In Greek and Roman mythology, she has been equated with Artemis / Diana (as the twin sister of Utu / Apollo), with Athena / Minerva (as the Goddess of War), and with Aphrodite / Venus (as the Goddess of Love).

2. Earth's Galactic History: "Inanna" is the name that DeAnna Emerson gives to the 70 Ophiuchi system. See Ophiuchus for more details.