1. Archangels are not individuals. They are personalized manifestations of a higher dimensional collective consciousness. Each Archangel merely represents a quality, or an energy of that consciousness.
Personally, I do believe that the EL-consciousness is such an (or should I say 'the') "Archangel-consciousness."

2. The archangels are one of the nine orders (or choirs) of Angels, and belong to the Third Sphere.

The Bible (only) mentions three archangels: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

The Dead Sea Scrolls mention a fourth Archangel: Sariel (or Ariel, or Uriel)
Other sources mention seven archangels. The fifth, sixth and seventh archangels are Chamuel, Jophiel and Zadkiel.

Nowadays, however, a lot of other sources claim there are twelve archangels, while others even mention twenty-two or forty-four.