El Morya

In Sacred Journey to Atlantis, Dr. Norma Milanovich and J. Meltesen call El Morya an "ascended master who is reported to be lord of the Blue Ray. He expresses the attributes of power, authority and law. Some writings state that he was Solomon in an earlier embodiment. " (SJA)

Most other sources, however, refer to El Morya the Lord of the First Ray (or Red Ray) and link him to the Temple of Will of God, Darjeeling.

Edmund Harold: "The Master El Morya heads all schools of Esoteric Thought world-wide, and it is His influence which stimulates those who desire to expand their level of self-awareness, to begin to seek active participation within those organizations which endeavour to increase public awareness of the Universal Mind." (…)
"He also seeks to reactivate awareness of the Divine Origin of All Life within all humanity, encouraging thereby the desire to serve others for the joy it brings about."
"He is one of a small group within the Masters' Lodge whose energies are largely devoted to paving the way for the New Age, within which He will assume the role of The Perfect Man - or Manu - for the new race which will be established (…). To this end, He currently endeavours to bring about the elimination of all dogmas and ideologies which have outworn their usefulness, and to prepare the way for the new Truths which will surface in the Aquarian Age."

The now defunct Spiritweb mentioned incarnations as Abraham, as Melchior (one of the three wise men), as King Arthur, as Thomas Becket as well as Thomas More, as Akbar the Great, as the Irish poet Thomas Moore, and as El Morya Khan in his last incarnation.
According to a reading Edgar Cayce gave, El Morya may also have been John the Baptist (which would conflict with him being Melchior).

El Morya also was one of the main guides of Madame Blavatsky and of Alice Bailey. (See Theosophy for more information).

On a personal note, I wonder whether there are links to (EL) Mintaka and to the EL consciousness.