Wilson Document

The Wilson Document or Wilson Memo is a memorandum that Eric Davis typed up describing his meeting with Admiral Tom Wilson in 2002 when he was looking into the possible existence of crashed/retrieved UFOs. The document is alleged to have leaked from Edgar Mitchell’s estate after he passed away in 2016. During this meeting, many things were discussed including Admiral Wilson stating he was denied access to UFO related information.

According to a Complete Summary of Wilson Davis Memo : r/UFOs (reddit.com), the Wilson Davis memo is a leaked document that allegedly records a conversation between Admiral Thomas Wilson, a former intelligence chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Dr. Eric Davis, a physicist who worked for the Pentagon on UFO-related projects. The memo reveals that Wilson tried to access a highly classified program that dealt with the retrieval and reverse engineering of crashed UFOs but was denied access by a private contractor who claimed to have the authority to do so. The memo also suggests that there are multiple such programs that are hidden from most of the government and military officials, and that some of the recovered UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin.

The memo was reportedly found among the papers of Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon and a prominent UFO researcher, after his death in 2016. The memo was then leaked online by an anonymous source in 2019, sparking a lot of controversy and debate among UFO enthusiasts and researchers. Some have argued that the memo is authentic and provides evidence of a secret UFO cover-up, while others have questioned its veracity and pointed out inconsistencies and errors in the document.

The memo has been described by some as "the most significant leak of UFO-related documents in many years", as it implies that there is a hidden reality behind the UFO phenomenon that is beyond the reach of most of the public and even the elected officials. The memo also raises questions about who controls the information and technology related to UFOs, and what are their motives and agendas.

The Wilson Document is significant because it implies that significant obfuscation occurred. That is highly suggestive that illegal activities were taking place, potentially involving manipulation of oversight and fraud at the highest levels of the military and wrongful collusion with private defense sectors.

Richard Dolan was the first one to draw attention to the memo.