Bilderberger group

The UFO and Conspiracy literature often refers to the Bilderberger group as a group of international experts that was assembled in 1952, after a living alien (EBE: extraterrestrial biological entity) had been found in the debris of a crashed flying saucer in 1949.
The specific purpose of this assembly would be to deal with the alien presence on Earth, more specifically with the "global" cover-up and the recovery of crashed UFOs. In this way, they could be viewed as an "international" MJ-12, in charge of an international operation "majority." The headquarters of this group is Geneva, Switzerland.

This representation of the facts is not entirely correct. Research shows that the Bilderberger group actually was formed upon an initiative of the (late) Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, in 1954, as a sort of global think tank, promoting the interest of the forces that were in power in the Western world at the time. They are named after the hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland where they first convened in 1954.
Over the years, the Bilderberger Group evolved into (or merged with) a secret world government. By now, it is almost entirely populated by people with Illuminati connections. Because of this, some authors even use "the Bilderbergers" as a synonym for the Illuminati and Secret Government people.