Secret Government

The hunger for power can be a strong motivator. It should therefore come as no surprise that people create organisations to help obtain and maintain influence and power. Political parties, trade unions, as well as other interest groups all fall under that qualification. But whereas these organisations operate more or less overtly, there are other ones that operate secretly behind the scenes, and they are far more dangerous. Most of these secretive associations subscribe to an agenda of Service to Self: what they are interested in, is only in what can benefit them. Often they'll use whatever means necessary to attain their goals, and they don't shun using Mind Control techniques for that (See Mind Control).
Some of these secret organisations have been in existence for centuries, if not millennia. And some of those have worked together with alien civilisations (mainly from Orion) from their very inception. The oldest traces of such covert co-operations go back to Atlantean times, and they have continued ever since. In a reference to their reptilian conspirators, these cults are often found to use a lot of dragon and serpent symbolism. What is worse is that over the centuries they have successfully controlled entire populations by using "controlled religions." A lot of religious organisations are mere fronts for these secret organisations, and have been heavily used and abused to serve their purposes. Others have been so heavily infiltrated that they also are effectively under their complete control, even though most of the followers are not aware of it.

In the twentieth century, matters took a turn for the worse. Up until World War I, most of these organisations had been working in their own territories that were more or less geographically separated. After World War I however, they decided to start working together on a global scale, and after World War II their efforts intensified dramatically. Nothing less than "Total World Domination" is their ultimate goal. But because people are rebellious in nature, and don't take well to totalitarian regimes, it was decided that these secret organisations would maintain their covert modus operandi that had been successful for all those years: operate unseen, behind the scenes, but make sure you control it all.
Many names have been given to this group: the Secret Government, the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the Merkabians, are just some of the names they are known by. They are organised in a strict hierarchical pyramid, where most members only know some members that are one level higher than they are, and are completely unaware of who is higher up the ladder. They refer to their goal of Total World Domination as the "New World Order." They see power as the ability to rule over people. In order to achieve this, they devise schemes to instil fear, so people would be more willing to give up their freedom in exchange of a false sense of protection and security. They have effectively selected the governments of the most influential nations in the world. Once they had achieved this, new enemies had to be created, as all the former enemies were now all under their control. At first they had played with the idea of an alien invasion, but soon gave up that idea, fearing that it could effectively give some alien civilisations a genuine opportunity and excuse for a real alien invasion. So they decided upon a worldwide terrorist threat. Thus far, that plan has proven most successful.

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