Mind Control

1. Da Silva Mind Control: (meditation) technique of using alpha-levels

2. Mind Control also is the more generic expression used for all techniques that are designed to control, influence and/or alter people's minds and behaviour.

A lot of these techniques were:

Some the techniques that are being used are:

Some CIA Mind Control plans: Artichoke, Blue Beam, Bluebird, Chapter, Dreamscan, Mindwreaker, Monarch, Mk Delta, Mk Ultra, Pandora, and Phoenix.
MK Search is another project. It was the successor to MK-Ultra, and was started in 1964. It mainly focused on finding a "truth drug," to be used during interrogations.
For MK Delta, I only have its name. Any other details on it are missing.

Some authors pointed out that the HAARP project could be used for mind control purposes, too.

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